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Собрано из ошмётков документа 2004 года, выуженного из гугловского кэша.

Overview of the Georgian Telecommunication System

Fiber-Optic Cable Backbone of “Fopnet”.
Backbone is 100 % private property. Cable is inserted by the Greece Credit and total amount of credit is 16.5 million USD. Credit covering started from September 2002. The backbone has a transit function from 2000. Nowadays main load is from Azerbaijan and Armenia to Europe and vice versa.

Radio-relay Line of “Georgian Telecom”.
Radio-relay line is a property of “Georgia Telecom” LTD, with the 51 % of the state share.

Fiber-optic Cable Backbone Along the Railway Line.
Fiber-optic cable backbone was created by the support of the European Union grant. Backbone length – 540km. Backbone is fully (100%) the state property.

Backbone Cable Systems of the Black Sea Basin

Trans-Asia-Europe Fiber-optic Cable Backbone (TAE).
Backbone connects Frankfurt (Germany) and Shanghai (China). Countries in project – 20. Total length of the backbone on the territory of Georgia is 678 km.

Black Sea Submerged Fiber-Optic Cable Backbone.
The basic agreement was signed in 1999. Put into operation – 2001. Backbone length – 1300 km, capacity – 2,5 GB/S.

ITUR – Italy-Turkey-Ukraine-Russia Submerged Fiber-Optic Cable Backbone.
Backbone was constructed in 1999. Total length – 3420 km; Capacity – 2,5-10 GUIS.

Romania-Turkey Submerged Fiber-Optic Cable Backbone – KAFOS.
Backbone was constructed in 1998. Total length – 504 km; Capacity – 622 MB/S.

Prospective Directions of Backbone Cable Systems’ Development in Georgia

Poti-Rize Submerged Fiber-Optic Backbone. (AFAIK, это не состоялось).
Total length-180 km. Approximate value – 6-7 million USD

Connection line to Black sea underwater optical fiber cable backbone.

Fiber-Optic Cable Backbone Along Tbilisi-Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline. (Есть).
The main object of the cable backbone is to perform services for Baku-Tbilisi Ceyhan, though it has the possibility of serving extra loadings. This backbone despite its main object, can provide interconnection between the South Caucasus countries and support the formation of the united information area.

Fiber-Optic Cable Backbone Along High-Voltage Lines. (Таки проложили?).
Organization of fiber-optic cable connection along country’s energy high-voltage lines (220 KV, 110KV.35KV). After the realization, the system will serve both: Energy and Communication systems. The backbone will enable relations with communication systems of Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Armenia.



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